We have compiled answers to frequently asked questions from customers.

Can I do the laundry?

Yes you can. Please put the attached items in the laundry net and wash them.

How much is the shipping fee?

Free shipping for the first time.
From the next time, the shipping fee will be charged separately, but free shipping for over $ 100.

I want to know the type of size.

Basically all are one size fits all.
Ladies 22-24cm
Unisex 23-25cm
Men's 25-27cm

I haven't received the automatic delivery email after completing my order.

◎ For smartphones (mobile phones) Check the email reception settings to see if it is set to receive emails from "@ fakui.net".

◎ For PC (personal computer): It may be sorted as junk mail, so please check the junk mail folder.

If the above cases do not apply, the registered email address may be incorrect. Please check the entered information and try the procedure again.